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The Ordinary Orchid
The Ordinary Orchid
Paisley, ON, Canada

The Ordinary Orchid provides businesses and individuals with the opportunity to become more environmentally friendly. My name is Sadie Rahn, and I am the owner and creator of The Ordinary Orchid, which creates stickers that are 100% waste-free. Regular vinyl stickers are not recyclable and when disposed of, often leak into our oceans and waterways as harmful microplastics and plastic flakes. Sadly, these plastics are in virtually every marine ecosystem. The Ordinary Orchid's stickers are created with 100% recyclable and post-consumer recycled sticker paper, recyclable adhesive and biodegradable ink. This means that when you are finished with them, you can simply put the stickers into your recycling bin because they are curbside recyclable in the paper stream.  Many other eco-friendly or otherwise "recyclable" stickers are packaged on a non-recyclable backing or end up being filtered out of the recycling stream and redirected to landfill due to their adhesives, which cause jams in the recycling equipment. My stickers are unique in this way because the whole sticker, including the adhesive and backing is recyclable and compatible with recycling equipment.  

I came up with the idea of an environmentally friendly sticker company after searching for ways to help our planet. I have always wanted to protect the environment and the life that it holds. I thought eco-friendly stickers would be a clever idea because there are very few truly zero-waste sticker companies out there. Making these stickers has allowed me to educate people on why we need to care for the planet and share my passion for the environment with others. 

The Ordinary Orchid is an online business located in Paisley, Ontario. If you are a business and are interested in custom logos or other promotional stickers - there are discounts available - email or visit our website.