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Family Itinerary

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Feed Your Families’ Senses
Feed Your Families’ Senses

Sound + Colour 

Sound+Colour is a gallery and open studio featuring local artists and creators, opening soon! Check in this summer and see if this wonderful space has opened yet, and immerse yourself in the artistic river village's culture!


Paisley's branding as the "artistic river village" is enforced by the gorgeous murals around every corner-- some town favourites are the Paisley Comes Alive mural, Explosion of the Imaginary on the side of the library, and Butterfly Flora on the side of the community center. Take a moment to stop with these murals (especially to pose with Butterfly Flora) and take a picture for your socials!


Despite its size, the Paisley branch of the Bruce County Library has astounding reach. They have just about every book you can dream of, and you can even rent a fishing pole or geocaching equipment! Check out the wall of local youth art inspired by famous painter David Milne and poet Isabella Valency Crawford, former Paisley residents. 

Tomboi Artisan Ice Cream 

Tomboi Artisan Ice Cream is the highlight of locally-owned business. They serve amazing ice cream all made in-house, know everyone in town, and are right on the main street! Their ice cream is original, innovative, and without a doubt delicious. Be sure to stop by for a cold treat this summer!

Rail Trail * Note Currently Closed

The Rail Trail in Paisley is a gorgeous place to walk, run, or bike for some exercise and fresh air this summer! They stretch a large expanse of the county, and make for a great chance to explore and get outside in the woods-- spending time in the woods and on these trails is amazing for not only your physical health, but your mental health too!

Parks and trails 

The green spaces are one of the community's best assets, and we encourage you to get out and explore the scenery-- keep your eyes peeled for signs along your way that may lead you to some even more exciting events and opportunities for exploration! 

Bonfire on Queen

Another quintessential local business, stop into Bonfire on Queen for a hearty pizza meal in the atmospheric restaurant located right on main street! Their delicious pizzas and unique aesthetic are an amazing way to cap off a long day of exploring Paisley.

Antique shops 

Step into one of the two antique shops in town and explore the amazing, one-of-a-kind items from days past-- whether you're going retro or classic, both shops carry amazing collectible

Pastime Gold Mine 

Bored? Curious? Family? Solo? Pastime Gold Mine has you covered. From board games to hobby sets to video games and remote control cars, you can find it all at this local-owned game shop. Even if you aren't looking to buy, stop in and browse the huge collection of novelty items and fun!

Treasure chest museum/tourist info center

Step into the Treasure Chest museum for a glimpse of Arran-Elderslie's heritage and a warm welcome to the community! Starting this summer, the museum is the first ever tourist information center in AE-- chat with our museum attendee, Maya, to answer any questions you may have!

Explore AE  (Arran-Elderslie Youth Council)

Explore AE is an event encouraging you to travel the municipality in search of various assets, with a chance to win some awesome stuff! Find one of the signs, scan the QR code and read up on the info-- find enough stops and post pictures with them, and your name gets entered into a draw for some wonderful locally-donated prizes.