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The Rivers are Calling

The Rivers are Calling

Something happens...

Something happens to the river at Paisley. The intersection of water, land and collection of eclectic people, make this a must see for people travelling through Bruce County. Some say it's the rich history, while others say it's the bright future that makes Paisley an appealing place to spend time. 

Have a look through this website and meet the people that make Paisley what it is. When you're ready to visit, you might just feel like you belong in Paisley with us.

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What's on around town.

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May 18, 2019 - Jun 16, 2019
This show has been featured at Nature's Millworks for 15 years and has developed a strong reputation for the high quality original local work d
May 24, 2019
MUSIC NIGHT starring Local Entertainers. Country 1950s - 1980s, Gospel Songs, Trio of Fiddlers, Southern Mountain Music - Fiddle Banjo&nb
May 24, 2019
Music Night at Geneva, Friday, May 24th at 7:00 pm   Country 1950s to 1980s, Trio of Fiddlers , Gospel Songs, Southern Mou
Jun 1, 2019
Indoor craft show, with a wide range of vendors, and peformances by 6 different award winning Blues Artists!         
Jun 29, 2019 - Jul 21, 2019
This show is completely focused on the presentation of new high quality contemporary items that have have been created by local artisans. As such t
Jul 5, 2019 - Jul 8, 2019
Weekend of great Country Music.  Friday evening is Bluegrass Night.  Camping-$85/person includes entertainment.  Walk-ins $30 a day